About Us

Sakhuu [sah’ koo]

Our family takes pride in serving authentic Thai food since 2002 and continuing that family tradition at the Sakhuu Thai Cuisine location since 2012. We create a casual and welcoming atmosphere that has become a second home to many of our loyal patrons.

Every part of this restaurant has been a family affair; from Angel’s beautiful interior design concept, Noy’s wonderful handmade artwork to Kyla’s guidance and direction to bring our vision to life. We are so grateful and thankful for everyone that has supported us and continue to do so.

Come visit us for the Sakhuu family experience!



The origin of the name Sakhuu

Saku is a Thai word and it means means a small white tapioca pearl, which is used in cooking and desserts. Pure, versatile and delicious, it seemed like a good symbolic representation of Kyla’s family’s food and recipes.

But this new restaurant wasn’t to be just about Kyla. It was a new venture from the combined efforts of both Kyla and Angel, so a name was needed to reflect that combination.

Khuu is a name that comes from Angel’s family; it is the surname of her late father. Reflecting the hard work and perseverance it took to create this new restaurant, Angel wanted it to pay a tribute to her father.

And thus was born Sakhuu: the clever combination of Saku + Khuu, the brilliant team of Kyla + Angel.

(For those who might not yet know Angel, she is the lovely waitress/owner of Sakhuu who usually greets you at the door.)